Introduction: Stained Glass Background

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Yet another exotic background for your computer screen. My last instructable didnt do so good, so i tried something else.

Step 1: Structure

this is the structure of the design. you can make it any way you want,use the continuose line tool.

Step 2: Color!

Next you might want to put lines where nessisary, to allow for more shapes. Then use the fill tool to add some color.

Step 3: More Color

...Then some more color.

Step 4: ...and Even More Color.

you might want to make it so that none of the same colors are touching.

Step 5: And Even...Ok You Get the Idea.

So there you have it! if you want thicker lines, it may make your design look more realistic.If you want another background go to this site.

Step 6: Alternative View

And for those of you with a darker side(Or lighter, it depends on the first colors), just invert the colors! Look! Easter colors!