Introduction: Stained Glass Strip Cutter.

When you need lots of strips with the same width then this cutter, is a real help.

Please note that all the measurements are in cm but all principles are the same in all measuring systems.

The strip cutter can be used for glass, paper or other materials even to draw straight lines with a pencil.
Use your imagination for other ideas

Step 1: Materials Needed.

This is what you need:
  • screws (those for bind two kitchen cabinets)
  • 2 wooden plates
  • a piece of window frame
  • An old tapeline
  • Screw driver
  • drill
  • saw
  • ruler

Step 2: Saw the Cut Board.

Think of a size appropiate for you.
What kind of dimension can you handle qua workspace or what are the glass dimension you mostly buy and cut.

My board is 48cm x 40cm work space, this because of the materials I had on stock.

Take a wooden plate of the size you will have. Saw one flat side. Trying to be straight as possible.
Why?See a step 6.

Step 3: Making a Ruler.

Saw the ruler. To make something square you can use the 3-4-5 rule of a triangle.
Pythagoras said:
squareroot (sqr(3)+sqr(4))=
In my case I measured 27-36-45.

If you got the dimensions of your ruler then you can give it any shape you like, but keep in mind you need two sides to be square.
If you keep three straight sides, you can use it to cut angles of 30-60-90 degrees.
(So think of every angle you need and make a ruler for it.)

Step 4: Continue With the Cut Board.

Use the window frame as a slide to lead the ruler on the cutboard.
Use the screws to secure the slide to the cutboard.
Square it with the right edge. See step 6 why.

The tab on the slide is handy to put on the inside, that way the glass will not completely touch the slide but touch the tab. So it is easy to cut the glassplate realy to the edge.

Step 5: Measurement

Use a old tapeline as a rule. My tapeline didn't start with zero, I cut it near 110 cm.
Next time i cut it near 100cm.

Put the ruler to the right edge. Align it to the right edge, put a mark at the lead.
In my case at 110.

Put a second mark at the cut width of your cutter.

See picture for more information.

Step 6: How to Use It.

Because the right edge is also straight you can use it as guide for your glass.
You can make here a rising edge, to slide your glass against.
Or you can slide the glas over the edge, if you have a mark line on your glass.
To cut strips with a Angle for instance.

Lets make some windows or ...