Introduction: Stainless Steel Ballistic Battery Tray for Motorcycle

Ballistic Batteries makes a very tiny and lightweight lithium ion battery that's perfect for motorcycles with no starter (kick-only) like my 1979 Triumph Bonneville. Follow along as I build a strong, secure and stylish tray for this diminutive power pack. Copy this one exactly, or take inspiration when you build your own.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

With a properly equipped shop, this project is a snap. Even if you don't have all the tools I used, you can still make do with hand tools- it might just take a tiny bit longer.


Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shear (snips or a hacksaw would work too)

Corner Notcher

Metal Lathe

TIG Welder

Sheet Metal Finger Brake

Angle Grinder

Hand Drill


Ballistic Performance 4 Cell EVO2 Lithium Battery, P/N: 100-010

16 Gauge Stainless Sheet

1/4-20 Bolt and Wingnut

3/8" Stainless Round Bar

Step 2: Layout, Cutting and Bending

After measuring the battery, I transfer the dimensions to a piece of stainless sheet. The corners of the tray are drilled before bending. This is done for two reasons: firstly, it allows for drainage once the tray is completed, and secondly, it allows for clearance when folding. Sometimes and especially with thicker sheet, it tends to bunch up in the corners when it's folded. The bunching can make it difficult to complete the bend and is generally unsightly.

Once your done your bends, you'll also want to take a small piece of the same sheet for the hold-down strap. bend it by hand to match the profile of the battery.

Step 3: Welding and Installation

Since the strap isn't very flexible, it proved difficult to remove, so I turned a small peg from stainless round bar with a groove in it. The strap slides over the peg and seats in the groove. This peg is welded onto the side of the tray, along with the a piece of tubing for the 1/4-20 bolt, which is welded to the strap.

Finally, drill some holes in the bottom and bolt it to the bike!