Introduction: Stainless Steel Grill to Avoid Having Rusted Surfaces

A very nice project for everyone who just hates cleaning the rust of the grill every time he wants to grill.Using Stainless steeil you forget this trouble and just washing it with water after a couple uses it will be clean and ready for more grills to come .

Step 1: Material - Cutting - Fitting - Welding

For the project we selected 304 stainless steel rod both 6mm (for the outside edges and legs) and 4mm for the rest of the project.
We cut the outside box in the grill measurements (in this case 600mm x 400mm) and tack weld them using a tig welder or a mig welder in a stainless steel plate in order for the grill to not difform from welding the pieces,
Test every individual cut piece in place and stan tack welding from the top all the pieces.
After tacking all the pieces from the one the top cut with an angle grinder or hacksaw the tacks and separate the grill from the plate in order to turn the grill to tack the other side.
After finishing both sides weld every individual piece with about 43 amps and 8mhz pulse if welding with tig. **********( Do not try to cool the welded areas using water because the rapid heat change will deform the grill and ruin the whole project, just let it cool alone) **********

Step 2: Tacking and Welding the Feet

When the piece is all welded it is time to put on the feet..Cut either 4 or 6 pieces of the 6mm rod in about 120mm and tack weld them in place making sure that the frame is square and weld them all together.

Step 3: Grinding the Edges and Cleaning the Welds ( Polishing )

If you want you can grind all the welds that you might have not done perfectly in order to avoid accidents during the use of the grill.
Finally you can use Special Acid in order to clean the welds and give it a nice matt finish.

Step 4: Enjoy Grilling

I hope you make it and enjoy grilling in a clean grill without having to worry about the rust of other metals. Good Grilling.

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