Introduction: Stainless Steel Work Table Coffee Table

Cut up a work table and it's makes a great coffee table. It'll last just about forever and I like the industrial look of it.

Step 1: Find a Work Table

Find a 24"x48" stainless steel work table. Restaurant supply stores often have them. You might also be able to find them at restaurant fixture sales.

Step 2: Cut the Legs

Take the legs, mark them to length (I marked mine at 19" from the bottom) and cut the tops off. The bottoms usually already have feet attached to them, so cutting the tops off is the way to go. I used a horizontal bandsaw to cut the legs. Even though they're just basically pipes, they're pretty thick; take your time going through them.

Step 3: Reassemble the Table

Reassemble the table. Use a level to get everything level and then tighten the set screws on the legs. You're done!