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Introduction: Stamped Festival Bracelet

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While preparing a summer-camp, the kids made clear that we NEED to have a festival bracelet for camp. I didn't feel like embroidery and for ordering them, our camp is much to small. I ended up with this really easy way to make cool bracelets. It took me just two hours from the idea till the first bracelet. (that is included drying and 3D-printing time)

I used my 3D-printer to make the mold and Oogoo to make a stamp.

(Daniel als je dit leest: sssssst ;) )

Step 1: You Will Need


  • Silicone (sealant)
  • Corn starch
  • Ribbon
  • Stamping ink


  • Scissors
  • 3D-printer
  • Computer
  • Cup

That's it

Step 2: Design the Mold

With the new "text" option in 123D-Design, it is super easy to design the mold.

  • Draw a rectangle that is big enough to hold your text.
  • Give it a couple of millimeters depth. (I used 5 mm, but 3 mm would have been enough)
  • Put your text on top of the rectangle.
  • Push the text 1 mm in the form.


Export to your 3D-print software.

Print your mold on the 3D-printer.

Step 3: Make the Oogoo

You can find all the ins and outs about oogoo at this Ible. Or you can probably use Sugru for this as well. I even think that pure silicone sealant would work.

The Oogoo I used for this is really easy to make.

  • Put some silicone in a cup
  • Ad a small spoon of corn starch
  • Stir thoroughly

Do this in a well ventilated room, because it will stink!

Step 4: Make the Stamp

Also making the stamp is not really hard.

  • Put the Oogoo in the letters in your mold.
  • Be sure to fully fill the letters.
  • Put a thick layer of oogoo on top of the letters.
  • Try to smooth the layer of oogoo out.
  • Wait (yes this is the hardest part. It will take a hour…..)
  • Remove the stamp from the mold.
  • Cut off the edges.
  • I also had to make the letters a little bit smoother.

Step 5: Stamp the Ribbon

  • Cut a piece of ribbon in the length you want.
  • Ink the stamp.
  • Put the stamp on the ribbon.
  • Put something flat on top (or use just your hand).
  • Press.
  • Remove stamp.

Ok you know how a stamp works, but I had to write something in this step. ;)

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    d idea
    d idea

    8 years ago

    nederlander :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hihi, en voor jou geldt net als voor Daniel: mondje dicht he :P


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes I am really happy with the result and I just tested that it is also waterproof :)