Handmade Stand for Flowers- Crankshaft




Introduction: Handmade Stand for Flowers- Crankshaft

Using part from the old tractor (Ursus C 330; crankshaft) I did stand for the flowers, to the garden of my mother.

I apologize for the photos but I did not notice that a defective lens. (After replacing lens a little bit better).

Garage pictures can not be repeated.

Step 1: What You Need

1. Crankshaft from tractor

2. counterweight from crankshaft

3. slice of wood (birch)

4. paint spray(color you need)

5. two-component adhesive

6. impregnation of wood

7. rust remower/degraser

and tools: angle grinder, sander...

Step 2: Basis

Cut the crankshaft to the required sections.

Assemble counterweight at the bottom prats of crankshaft.

Please use rust solvent.

Paint spray.

Step 3: Holder for Flower

Prepare slice of wood as my Instructable: clock made of wood disc or cart parts stool/ side table.

In the center of a piece of wood drill hole.

Lower part of wood lacqer paint, and the upper part paint impregnation.

Step 4: Assembling

Prepared items from the previous steps, connect using a two-component adhesive.

Take it to the garden.

Step 5:

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