Introduction: Standard Paracord Bracelet How To:

I hope that this Instructable will give you what you are looking for. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials


1. Paracord

2. Lighter

3. Pliers

4. Scissors

5. Paracord Buckle

6. Paracord Jig (optional)

Step 2:

Estimate how much paracord you think you will need then cut it so it fits that size. Make a loop with the paracord and push it through the gap under the buckle, pull it up over the buckle and down, and then tighten. Afterwards take the two loose ends on the other end of your paracord and push them through the gap in the other buckle. See if it fits and if it does then continue, if it doesn't then you should go back and try to figure out a better size.

Step 3:

Put the bracelet on the jig, if you don't have a jig then don't worry you can do this step without it but the size may not be perfect, and adjust the jig so it has the correct size. Take the string on the left side and pull it over the top of the paracord to the right side. Pull the string on the right side and run it over the left string, under the paracord to the other side and through the loop that has been created, and tighten. Now after the knot has been created take the right string and pull it to the left side, pull the left string over the right one and pull it under and to the right side and through the loop that has been created, and tighten. Alternate and continue the pattern.

Step 4:

After a while the pattern will be completed and you will have to cut off the excess. Then take your lighter and melt the two cut ends and use your scissors to press the melted plastic into the rest of the paracord. WARNING careful you do not burn your finger, I personally have burned my hand twice. It is not fun. If by the time you are done and you haven't burned your fingers off by then, then you can sit back and admire your work. Congratulations, if you didn't mess up, you have made a paracord bracelet.