Introduction: "The Blueprint"- Standard Knex Pistol for Inexperienced Knexers.

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I'm sick of seeing these single-shot block trigger pistols with the trigger so far up the barrel that you need to stretch your thumb 3 miles to make it shoot, then it only shoots half the length of Justin Bieber's crotch because the trigger was so far up the barrel that the pin only got pulled back an inch. 

So I have made a new standard for single-shot knex pistols.  Notice this one has a bullet lock EXACTLY where the pin ends, has a very long pin draw, and a true trigger.  Yes, a TRUE TRIGGER.  Some credit to Mepain because I kind of jacked it off of his war rifle, but it was to make a point. 

BUT DEEJAY IF I MAKE THE TRIGGER BLOCK THE RAM THAT FAR BACK, I WILL END UP PULLING THE RAM OUT OF THE GUN!!111  Nonsense, that's what the ram lock at the end of the gun is for.

Neat bonus:  It has sights, so you can aim at your target easier. 

This gun was made according to the guidelines in Oodalumps's guide to good performing knex guns.  If any new knexer posts a pistol here, link them to this to give them a good example of a knex pistol.

I will not post this gun, because I think it is so simple and you could build it from the pictures if you want.  The only reason I made this was to set a standard that newbies could build off of.

UPDATE: instructions courtesy of Ajleece: