Introduction: Standing Up for Yourself

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Sadly not all people in this world are nice do sometimes you've gotta stand up for yourself! Follow these tips and you should be fine.

Step 1: Get Friends

Friends are great to have fun with but they will also stand by you and help you stand up to bully's but just because they are there for you that doesn't mean your not there for them look out for them all the time!

Step 2: Stand Up

If someone gets onto you because of your clothes, religion, race or anything say something like "i like it" or tell them an important fact about your country or religion. Whatever you do dont give into them or they will keep trying to upset you. If none of this works tell someone less about whats happened its always good to get it off your chest.

Step 3: Agghhhhhhh

If your really angry and sad just cry it's ok because all of us do sometimes in our lives. Get someone else to sort it out and everything will be fine

Step 4: End

I hoped this helped u