Introduction: Stanley 014725R Organizer Bin Dividers for Screws and Small Parts

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I made some easy to print bin dividers for my Stanley 014725R organizer, so I can store a ton of M3, M4 and M5 screws and nuts. These dividers were designed to be easy to print (no supports) and minimize the amount of filament since they have no sides and use the original bins. There are also some lidded bins for smaller parts like nuts, that would otherwise migrate from bin to bin.

Before going on though, I would like to thank Laura Taalman aka Mathgirl (at sharing her awesome (and customizable) print in place hinge design which I used in the lidded bins. You can check it out here:

Laura Taalman's Hinge Design (which the lidded bins use) is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike license. If you remix the lidded bins, please be sure to include the same attribution to her for the hinge.

Aside from filament and a 3D printer, the only thing needed to make this is some 3M 468P double sided tape. Since the bins that come with the organizer are polypropylene, it can be hard to find a tape that will stick. But the 3M 468P sheets seems to stick very well. The sheets I linked to are probably a good way to buy it cheaply, it just needs to be cut into strips about 0.5" to 1" wide to be used with the dividers. You could also cover the entire base of the dividers with it, but I found that with just some strips of the tape, it was more economical and worked really well. The bins with lids require a strip of tape around their sides since they have an open base.

I printed these using PLA with 0.15 layer height and 30% infill. I'd recommend sticking with that for the lidded bins, but for the dividers without lids, you should be able to print them at 0.2mm layer height.

The lidded bins need to be rotated so the lids print flat to the build surface (this is to minimize supports). These parts also have supports integrated into the STL's so there is no need to print them with supports. You may need to carefully cut around the perimeter of the doors on the lidded bins and then remove the supports which are located along the front edge to free the doors after printing. If they are stuck, it could mean that the temp is too high for the filament and so you can try to dial that back and see if it helps. I would recommend not using a brim on these unless absolutely necessary since it will make getting the lids open more difficult after printing.

Aside from sticking the dividers into the bins with tape, the only assembly required is to slide the handles onto the lidded bins. They simply slide into the slots on the lids. For the large bin with the 3 lidded bins and 3 open dividers, note that the lidded bin half has one sloped side so install it like the picture, with the hinges in the center. The STP files will be included.

I used some P-touch (extra strength adhesive) labels on the sides of each bin and the lids to identify the contents.