Introduction: Staples Binder Clip Container Ring Flash for Point and Shoot Cams

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So I decided to try and tame the nasty, tiny flash on my Canon SD850IS Digi cam only, I couldn't figure out how.
I wanted a simple diffuser but the flash was too close to the lens to make anything that could just go on the flash. I had made a few other types and they worked good but I wanted better so I decided  instead, to make a Ring flash!

Here are the steps....

I took a Ring Binder container (the medium sized clips) From Staples, A 1-1/2" OD x 6" long white PVC tail Piece for a sink
(Home Depot, Lowe's, Local Hardware store) and also two of the white-ish / clear-ish cone washers and one flange washer (also parts that go with the tail piece)

I cut an 1-1/2" hole in the bottom of the binder clip container and another in the lid. I then cut the container down to an inch tall.

I then cut the tail piece about 1-1/8" from its flanged side so its cut end was flush with the outside of the lid  when pushed through from the rear (bottom) of the container. (withe the flanged on the outside of the containers bottom)

Once I has confirmed it fit, I took the lid off and took the tail piece out.

I then covered the inside bottom and sides with silver Aluminum tape except for the spot where the cameras flash will shoot through it.

I then cut a piece of white rip stop nylon fabric to fit inside the lid to act as a diffuser and used a little clear glue to hold the fabric in place. 

Next, I took a strip of rip stop and cut it into little squares a little bigger than the cameras flash, then glued a few inside the back where the flash comes through to diffuse the light as it enters the ring light... this will help eliminate the Hot Spot that would otherwise be in that area  of the ringlight when the flash was fired.

After all that, I re inserted the tail piece through the back so the pipe's flange was on the outside of the rear of the ring flash, I used a little more clear glue to hold it together.

I then slid one of the Tail piece cone washers onto the pipe flat side down, and slid it down till it was against the rear of the ring flash on the INSIDE. More clear glue holds that in place.

Next I slid the other cone washer onto the pipe facing the opposite way the first one was facing. I slid it just a tiny smidgen onto the pipe, put some glue on the face and put the lid of the binder clip container on.

I then put the FLANGE washer on from the outside and pushed it down just enough so that the lid was now sandwiched between the flange washer on the outside and the cone washer on the inside, more glue holds it all in place.

Then I wrapped black vinyl tape around the outside (side) of the Ring flash to keep light from going out the sides.
I also used the black tape on the rear as well.

Depending on your camera, your flash may not touch the rear of the ring light, mine didn't, so I just cut a sort of gasket out of some black foamy craft foam from the local craft store, Then I glued it to the back of the ring light where the flash is and it makes a nice seal between the two.

So take a look at the pics and they should explain my mad ramblings a bit more clearly!

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