Star Button Knot Key Chain/Bracelet




Introduction: Star Button Knot Key Chain/Bracelet

I have used this as my signature gift since 1987

3 Strand Plait (Braid)

Mathew Walker Knot

6 Strand Plait

5 or 6 Strand Star Button Knot

Step 1: Some Examples of the Star Button Knot, Mathew Walker Knot, 3&6 Strand Plait

Here are some examples of well used ones. The bottom one was the first one I made in 1987 and it has been in my pocket every day since then, it is starting to show some ware and tear. I used ~2.5mm ganging twine as I was working on a fish farm at the time and there was lots available. It is a stiffer weave than most cords and holds knots well. You will notice that the star is a 5 point star where the colour one is a 6 point star. The other one is the first colour one I made in 1989 and the first with 6 points. Also ~2.5mm cord but much softer and pliable but does not hold knots quite as well. Para cord is not my first choice for this project as the sheath is too loose and sloppy so it won't hold its shape and will flatten and distort when tightening the star. I really like putting one on my knives, it makes it almost impossible to accidentally fall out of your hand and you don't need to hold it with a death grip.

The third picture is a bracelet I am making using waxed sail thread. I think I will get new glasses before I finish this one.

Step 2: Find the Center and Plait 3 Strands

In the pictures I have used 3mm cord and cut them to one meter long. If you use larger cord or want a longer 6 strand plait then you will have to adjust the length to your needs.

First I find the center and decide how large of a loop I want. Tie a slip knot off center so there is more room than you need for your loop. Lock the slipknot and attach to your anchor. Or you can just have a friend hold it for a moment, but friends can be hard to find when you need them.

Plait the 3 strands longer than you will need.

Untie the slip knot and find the center. The plait should extend past where you want your loop on both sides.

Each picture will have detailed instructions for you to follow. After the pictures will be a brief description of the step and bonus info.

Step 3: Constrictor Knot, Seizing Knot or Bag Knot

This is a very handy and easy knot to use on anything. I quite often use the Bag Knot version so I can easily untie it.

You want to use a much smaller cord to hold your work so it does not get in the way of tightening the knot. I use a waxed thread that is like dental floss x10. Dental floss would probably work just fine.

Step 4: Mathew Walker Knot

Undo the plait to the Bag Knot and spread each end out evenly in the colour pattern you want to go around the Mathew Walker Knot. You are going to start with one strand and work around in order, keeping everything neat and tidy next to each other so nothing crosses where it shouldn't.

Step 5: 6 Strand Plait

Ok, you have 6 strands, there is a number of different patterns you can make. Play around and make something up. Keep the strands organized and under even tension to get an even plait. Keep going until it is longer than you need, then use a Bag Knot to seize it at the right length.

Step 6: Star Button Knot, Tied in the Hand

Now for the fun part!

Keeping everything organized is key. There are a lot of parallel strands, don't let them get on the wrong side of each other.

Having a stiffer cord is going to be an advantage at this point.

Each strand follows the same pattern so each step is repeated with each strand.

First we tie the knot then we tighten it slowly in stages so it keeps it's shape. Tightening too quickly can distort the shape.

Step 7: Final Touches

Slowly tightening in stages and shaping it with hands and hammer until a hard knot is achieved. A soft knot will work loose over time.

I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to see what you made.

Key Chain


Knife Stopper Knot

Button for a shirt

Handles for your Treasure Chest

Cable Tie to keep your extension cords organized.....

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    7 years ago

    You seam to have missed some instructions,


    Reply 7 years ago

    When you open the pictures and scroll over the box the text will be there. This way you have a large image to follow with the appropriate text.