Introduction: Star Flower Ball

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I have been asking a question about paper flower balls. Most of them which are made in an origami style rarely appear as a real sphere. I stumbled into a method for making star flowers and realised I could assembled them into a "round" sphere. They are highly appealing in visual presentation. Hope you will agree with me after making them!

Step 1: Prepare Circular Paper Cuts

Using a round object or a compass, draw and cut out 10 paper circles with around 11 - 12 cm in diameter.

Step 2: Fold the Circle Into a Petal

This step involves complex folding and gluing. The video may help you a lot.

1) Fold the circle in half.

2) Fold again perpendicularly.

3) Slightly pinch the ridges opposite to each other. Push the other 2 ridges to the left, with right side of fingers.

4) You should be able to observe a heart-like construction inside.

5) Apply a thin line of PVA glue on either side of the ridge.

6) Use a small clip to fix the petal. Make 6 petals.

Step 3: Make the Flower.

1) Glue the petals side by side and assemble them tightly, while maintaining the visual attraction of the petals. There should be a very minimal space at the centre of the flower after assembly.

2) Once assembled, examine all petals and adjust to ensure that they are all equal in appearance. You need to make 4 flowers.

Step 4: Put 4 Flowers Together.

The hexagonal star arrangement of the flower allows you to slide them into one another side by side to form a sphere.

Begin by putting one on your palm and slowly work your way up.

Step 5: Glue Up for a Permanent Sphere

1) Place 4 clips on key contact areas between flowers to stablise the sphere.

2) Begin by gluing the non-clipped contact areas between flowers.

3) Remove the clip one at a time and glue petals.

4) After all clips are removed, you should have a perfect sphere covered with flowers.

Step 6: Add a Ribbon

1) Use a paper strip (roughly 21 cm) cut out from A4 paper as a ribbon. Attach it anywhere (preferably outside the flower) in the sphere.

2) Your flower ball is ready for hanging.