Introduction: Star Rug

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I was inspired by the original Lion Brand "Desert Star Rug" when I decided to crochet my own. It was made of different yarn thread quality - cotton, wool and acrylic. Its dimensions are 84cm x 120cm (approximately 33in x 47in).

It is worked in 5 stages.
1 - make two green-white stars in a dark-blue circle and join them together.
2 - make two pale-pink stars and attach them by sewing onto the green-white ones as shown in pictures.
3 - make two small dark-red roses and attach them in the middle of each pale-pink star.
4 - work around the two dark-blue circles with white yarn, making sure you get an oval shape (decrease in corners).
5 - work across (not in circles) changing colors as shown in the photo, combining double crochet, half-double crochet and single crochet stitches in order to increase the outer border of the rug.

In the same way you can make a cushion to match the rug.
Happy crocheting!