Introduction: Star Shaped LED Jewelry

Hi All,

Few months back I came across an instructable by jiripraus

I wanted to try the making one, for my wife and she wanted a Star shaped LED jewelry. I did a google and could not find any template for it. So I decided to make one myself

In this instructable I will share how to design and make your own led jewelry

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

  • Brass wire 21 Gauge ( approx 0.9mm)
  • LED Strips ( white ) or smd LEDs
  • CR-2032 battery
  • Soldering iron
  • Paper tape
  • one A4 Sheet
  • Pencil, compass, and a measuring scale
  • Cutter
  • Pliers Small
  • Multi-meter

Step 2: SMD LED

  • I extracted my LEDs from an old LED strip
  • These were white SMD LED
  • Approx 3 mm X 2 mm X 1.5 mm ( L x W X H )
  • Had a T sign on it which indicated the cathode for the LED
  • Carefully de-solder these leds from the strip
  • I needed 6, but i extracted 9 of these, just to be sure that I had enough to work with
  • Test the LEDs to make sure they are still working, replacing LEDs later is bit difficult

Step 3: Design Principles

  • The jewelry has to be as compact as possible, we need to use the smallest battery avaliable
  • We are not building a torch, do not use extremely bright LEDs
  • Joints should not have sharp edges
  • It should look simple and elegant
  • Measure the battery, LEDs and wire
  • My Battery was 20 mm in diameter
  • The star is made with a circle with 40 mm diameter, one could chose to make it more bigger depends on one's preferences

Step 4: Star Outline

  • Trace the outline with brass wire
  • To get better star shape we have to cut the brass wire as shown and then soldered the joints
  • Stick the wire in place using paper tape
  • Remember to file the joints, so that there are no sharp edges

Step 5: Add LEDs

  • The Star outline will be connected to positive end of the battery
  • So solder anodes of all 6 LEDS to the star as shown
  • Add joints to connect all cathodes of 6 LEDs as shown

Step 6: Add Hook

  • Since this is a going to be a pendant, We need a hook
  • Twist and cut a small hook of brass wire
  • Solder it flat to the star

Step 7: Battery Support

  • On the back , we will add two battery supports to hold the CR 2032 battery in place
  • one of the support is as the diameter and another at the bottom

Step 8: Finishing

  • Inspect the LED jewelry for week joints and add soldering where needed
  • Remember to file the joints, so that there are no sharp edges
  • Insert the battery and test all LEDs
  • Hook it in a chain and we are done

I hope this instructable will inspire you to design your own shape and make one

thanks for reading

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