Introduction: Star Sky

Skateboarding is the originator of extreme sports history. Many extreme sports are extended from skateboarding. Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. The former is limited by geographical and climatic conditions, while the latter has more freedom. Skateboarding entered the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games at the vote on the 3rd Plenary Session of the 2016 International Olympic Committee. Total length of Skateboarding: 80cm, width: 20cm, height: 13cm。From this we can see that skateboarding is gradually known. Skateboard mainly consists of bracket, wheel and board surface. Next, I will introduce my creativity from these three aspects.Let's enjoy it together."Star Sky" skateboard is a very suitable skateboard for beginners. In today's electronic products, we urgently need to put down the electronic products in our hands. Let's take our "skateboard" and go for a walk. "Star sky" skateboard you deserve to have!

Step 1:

Board length 80cm, width 20cm。The board surface adopts double warping structure, and the warping degree is 18 degree。It is easier for beginners to use the board with the double warping structure. And the layout of the "starry sky" decoration can add some beauty to the skateboard. And the board surface adopts fluorescent powder coating, which can make your skateboard glitter at night. At the same time, the double tilt skateboard can make a lot of actions, which, combined with the star pattern, can make you the most beautiful kid in the street.

Step 2:

The basic frame is built first, and then the shaft and bracket cylinder are built by stretching. The bracket is the most durable part of the skateboard, and also the core part of the skateboard. The quality of the bracket can determine the performance of the skateboard. It also determines whether you can make more difficult actions. This skateboard bracket is shorter and more stable. Able to withstand greater impact. It can help you make more difficult movements.

Step 3:

Now the cylinder is built according to the size, and then the hole is built with the drilling function, and finally the wheel radian is built with the fillet function.The wheel shall be 45mm-50mm. Is the most suitable wheel for the road. This skateboard can be your daily tool. And the wheels are made of polyurethane. The hardness is 85A. It can slide on the rough road with low sliding sound. It's a great choice for those who like shopping.