Introduction: Star Trek: the Next Generation Communicator Pin

About: My name is Lily,I love making costumes and props.

I've always wanted my own communicator so I thought I'd make one myself.

Step 1: Materials

PLEASE NOTE*I could've used higher quality materials than cardboard and glue but I made a lot of mistakes so deal with my mediocre skills*
-glue, I used elmer's
-clear nail polish (optional)also couldn't find it to take that picture
-thick wire not sure about the gauge I used copper because that's what i had lying around
-strong thin cardboard/foamcore
-pin bases and backings
-gold acrylic paint
-bronze acrylic paint
-silver acrylic paint paint

Step 2: Communicator

I would've used a printer to get a more exact image but I don't have a printer,I traced an action figure stand and messed with the size a little bit but once you have that,cut it out of cardboard, paint it silver and cover it with clear nail polish if you want.

Step 3: Communicator Base

The base is where the pins attach,they can't fall out. I made 2 but 1 was smaller than the other, poked the backings through (the small one) and glued the part with the pins to the base. but I cut an oval out of the cardboard, I had to make it proportional to the "silver part",painted it with bronze and gold acrylic paint mixed together.
get a couple inches of wire and start making a circle shape straighten it out to make an oval shape so it just sits on top of the perimeter of the oval.

Step 4: Put the Pieces Together

obviously the Silver part goes on top of the gold part. the wire around the base might raise the silver part a little bit so stick a piece of cardboard between the two pieces.and glue everything down really well.

Step 5: Congratulations You Have a Communicator

I'm done talking enjoy your communicator.