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I love "Star Trek: Enterprise", so I've crocheted the ship (twice, one for me and one for my best friend) and all the main characters (plus Spot, the cat from The Next Generation). I've done Porthos too, but he's not here beacuse I'm a cat and so I don't love dogs.... I gave it to my best friend.

Here you can see the real actors:

What you'll need:

wool (very little) in various colours (pink, brown, blu, red, light blue, light brown....)
crochet 4 mm
yarn needle
a knit needle (4 mm or 5 mm) for Phlox' Hair

I know I can't win in the Amigurumi contest because I live in Italy, but I want to enter just because I like to take part in it and I like to have my works be listed with similar ones.

Step 1: Basic Shape: Feet and Legs

They all are made in a similar way.
I've used wool in the needed colours.

sc = single crochet
inc = incresing single crochet
dec = decresing single crochet

Feet (make 2)
whit black
In a magic ring:
5 sc (5)
5 inc (10)
*1 inc 1 sc** 5 time (15)
15 sc (15) for 4 rounds
*1dec 1 sc** 5 times (10)
stuff the foot
5 dec (5)
Fasten off and sew the hole.

Legs (make 2)
with blue (or red/fuxia/light blue/gray.... for T'Pol; white for Phlox)
10 ch
join with a slip stitch
10 sc for 8 rounds.
Sew to the feet.
Stuff legs.

Step 2: Basic Shape: Body

Keeping the legs close, crochet all around the last crochet of the last round of the legs. You have to change leg and continue to crochet on the other one. Between the legs there will be a hole that you'll sew later.

The inc are done on the belly and over the bum to give them a "fluffy" look, but you can change that, of course.

With blue:
In a magic ring:
18 sc (18) for 2 rounds
*8 sc 1 inc** 2 times (20)
20 sc
*9 sc 1 inc** 2 times (22)
22 sc for 5 rounds
*9 sc 1 dec** 2 times (20)
*3 sc 1 dec** 4 times (16)
*2 sc 1 dec** 4 times (12)
with pink (or brown for Travis):
*2 sc 1 dec** 3 times (9)
2 sc 1 dec 3 sc 1 dec (7)
fasten off

Step 3: Basic Shape: Arms

Arms (make 2):

With pink:
in a magic ring:
6 sc (6)
*2 sc 1 inc** 3 times (9)
9 sc (9)
with blue (or other colour for T'Pol and Phlox):
9 sc (9) for 9 rounds

Now work in rows (not in rounds):
6 sc
1 dec 2 sc 1 dec
fasten off.


Sew this last part up side, near the neck.

Step 4: Basic Shape: Head

With pink (or brown for Travis):
In a magic ring:
6 sc (6)
6 inc (12)
*1 inc 1 sc** for 6 times (18)
*1 inc 2 sc** for 6 times (24)
*1 inc 3 sc** for 6 times (30)
*1 inc 4 sc** for 6 times (36)
*1 inc 5 sc** for 6 times (42)
42 sc for 3 rounds
*1 dec 5 sc** for 6 times (36)
*1 dec 4 sc** for 6 times (30)
*1 dec 3 sc** for 6 times (24)
*1 dec 2 sc** for 6 times (18)
*1 dec 1 sc** for 6 times (12)
6 dec (6)

Sew the head to the body.

Step 5: Personalize the Basi Shape

Now free yourself and personalize the basic shape with everything you want/need.

Embroid eyes and mouth, pips and zips. For Phlox' crest I've use chain stitch in pink and then re-embroidered them with a thin brown yarn.

Travis' hair is crocheted directly when I made his head. Just change colour brown/black when you need.
Trip's, Malcolm's, Jonathan's hair is emobroidered with little stitch. I've parted Trip's hair on the right and pull some extra yarn under Malcolm's hair on the forehead.
For T'Pol (and T'Mir and a Spock I've made sometimes ago for a friend) just start at the top of the head (the first round) and embroid hair with long stitch.
For Hoshi's hair, pull some long pieces of yarn like in a doll and then tie it on the temples.
For Phlox's hair I've the the top like T'Pol's, then I've curled up some yarn on a knit needle (put it on the needle, wet the yarn and leave it for a day or better a week or best a month on a hot radiator) and sew them on the back of the head.

Ears (make two): I did only Vulcan's ears (not Human's).
With pink (or brown, if you're doing Tuvok):
4 ch
1 half double sticth
1 sc
1 slip stitch
Sew on the head.

Now you have the cast, you can play :D Have a nice "private Enterprise 5th Season"! Mine is here:

Step 6: Update: New Characters

Spock for my friend Franz (light blue with the other 2 Vulcans);

Spock for my friend Kira (blue);

Janeway for my friend Filippo;

(Another) Trip for my friend Lara;

Porthos for my friend Seti;

Spot (with Hoshi).

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