Introduction: Star Trek TOS Phaser Cane

My Dad is an aging Trekie so for Christmas I wanted to give him a present he would use.  I decided to make him a cane that he would really appreciate.  So I designed a cane after the type 2 phaser from Star Trek TOS.  Here is the steps I took to build it.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To build this cane I searched for a template and found a picture that had the right angle I was looking for.
After that I used a piece of 1"x10"x4' piece of premium pine for the handle of the cane/phaser.
I then went to Radio Shack and purchased a button switch, a battery holder, a Blue 10mm LED, and some batteries.  I used CR2032 batteries. 
   Wood 1x10x4
   Masking Tape
   10 mm LED
   Wire I used 20 gauge wire
   Battery Holder
   Acrylic Rod I used 5/8 inch, I would recommend 3/4 inch.  I bought from tap-plastics.
  Spray paint
  Epoxy or cement  I used Duco Cement

   Soldering Iron
   Band saw or Jig Saw
   C Clamps
  Sand Paper
   Drill with bits
  Bench Top Vise
  Carving tools
  Belt sander/table sander

Step 2: Template

For the Template I found a picture on-line and enlarged it to a size I found would be the best fit for a cane handle for my father.  I printed it out and then covered the picture in clear masking tape.  I then used an exacto knife to cut out the out line for the type 2 phaser.  I then used the template to out line what I needed to cut on the wood.

Step 3: Cutting the Woodty

After you have your outline drawn out use your band saw or jig saw to cut out the pieces.  After I had the 2 main pieces I put them together and measured out what I would need for the Type 1 phaser (which will double as the battery cover) and the rear fins.  I cut out these pieces as well.  After I cut out the pieces I used a belt sander/ table sander to make them even and shape the handle, type 1 phaser and rear fins.

Step 4: Drilling Holes for the Cane/trigger

After the pieces are lined up I placed the phaser/ cane handle in my table vise.  I then drilled a 5/8 inch hole for the cane and a 7/16 hole for the trigger/switch.  A drill press would be the best, I did it free hand but for the best results a drill press is recommended.

Step 5: Hollowing the Handle/ and Battery Holder

After the pieces fit together properly and the shaping is done, I used my chisels and hand carving tools to hollow out a place for the switch, LED, wires, and the battery holder.

Step 6: Wiring the Light

After the area has been chiseled out of the phaser I put together the wiring.  I measured the area and assembled and soldered the light set up and then inserted it into the hollowed out area.  Making sure it worked before and after inserting it into the phaser.

Step 7: Putting the Phaser Together

The next step was gluing the 2 halves of the phaser together.  I used wood glue and and then placed it in 3 C clamps and let it dry for 24 hrs before continuing to work on the project.

Step 8: Sanding and Painting

After it was glued together I used different grits of sand paper from 60- 320 to smooth out the surface of the different phaser pieces.  I also used wood puddy in areas that needed some fill.  Make sure to allow the puddy to dry before sanding it.  Then I painted the whole set up in a grey primer.  Then sanded and painted and sanded and painted and taped and painted and sanded until I got the look I was looking for.  I put 3 coats of grey on the fin, 4 coats of light blue and 3 coats of black on the handle and battery cover.

Step 9: Protecting the LED

After allowing the paint to finish drying I poured a small amount of acrylic fill into the hole and allowed it to dry.

Step 10: Putting It All Together

After the acrylic fill hardened I putt a small amount of the duco cement into the hole and inserted the acrylic rod rotating it as I advanced it making sire to spread the cement around the rod.  I inserted the rod until it stopped against the acrylic plug protecting the LED light.  I then allowed the cement to dry for 48 hours before using.  I also used industrial fasteners (ie velcro) to secure the battery cover/ type 1 phaser.  I also used the duck cement to glue the fin into place.

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