Introduction: Star Wars BB-8 Google Home

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Print your very own Google Home BB-8 :-)

I decided to create a little BB-8 outfit for my Google Home. 3D printed on a few printers for speed and I think it turned out great. I'm now working on a BB-9 as he looks a little lonely on his own. I've also included blank parts just in case you want to just make a standalone model.

Step 1: First Get Printing...

It will take a couple of days to get all your parts printed. I did all mine without support in PLA. I used white, orange, silver and black. For the rear aerials, I printed in white then colored in the black bits with a sharpie.

Step 2: Assembley

I used superglue to build it all together. Make sure the Google Home mute switch isn't enabled and that the USB connector is looped and sits in the head location hole. This is to make sure it's at the right angle. The other thing to watch out for is to make sure the front grille is stuck at the right orientation. See the rendered image for the head assembly.

Step 3: Have Fun :-)

Now have fun....

Any questions or comments please post, I would love to hear from you. The STL files are included in the file below.

Please note, this is my own design based upon the Star Wars BB-8 droid. It should not be printed and sold, it's just for fun.

Take care....


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