Introduction: Star Wars BB8 Inspired Santa Hat

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This project is inspired by BB-8 from Star Wars! With the release of The Last Jedi, I thought this would be a great way to combine my love for the movies while getting into the Christmas Spirit! (It also gives me something fun to wear to the premiere!)

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial!

This is a 1min speed video for this project, check out the rest of this tutorial for the full step by step! : )

Step 2: Fabric & Supplies


• White Hat Base: 19" x 19" (I recommend a thick fleece. Here's the one I used )

• Lining: 19" x 19" (I recommend using another thick fleece for added stability)

• White Faux Fur: 33" x 6" (I used a white faux fur with metallic accents)

Accent Fabric:

• Silver / Grey: 6" x 23"

• Black: 3" x 4"

• Orange: 5" x 14"


• Matching Thread

• Needle

• Printable Pattern

• Stuffing

*Optional* Sew-On Gems & Gunmetal Stud


• Sewing Machine

• Scissors

• Pen

• Pins

• Computer & Printer

Step 3: Pattern

The inspiration for the hat was BB-8 so I thought it would be really cute if the design on the hat mirrored those on the droid : )

You can download the pattern for free here!

And you can use the basic pattern (without the droid details) to make a regular Santa Hat or come up with your own fun design to add to it!

Step 4: Cutting the Fabric Pieces

Once you have your pattern printed, cut & taped together, the next step is to cut out the fabric pieces.

You Will Have:

• 1 Outer Hat Piece

• 1 Lining Piece

• 1 Faux Fur Trim measuring 26 3/8" x 6"

• 1 Round Faux Fur Piece For Pom Pom

• Droid Accents Pieces

*When cutting your fabric, make sure your fur is pointing in the right direction*

Step 5: Sew the Design

Attach the Orange pieces first, using a straight stitch and sewing as close to the edge as possible (about 1/8".) Reference the pattern for placement.

If you are using a furry fabric you can add a clean finish by going over the edges with a zig zag stitch.

Next, attach the silver/grey pieces. I used a metallic silver faux leather but I would not recommend this if you want the hat to stretch.

Then attach the black pieces. I used a black glitter fabric for some extra bling.

Step 6: Attach Embellishments

To add even more sparkle you can attach Sew-On Gems and a gunmetal stud. These details also give the a hat a more droid-like feel.

Step 7: Sew Hat & Lining

Once you've attached the design, you can start sewing the hat together.

Fold the outer hat with the right sides together and pin in place. Sew the back seam with a 3/8" seam allowance. Turn hat right side out.

Fold the lining with the right sides together and pin in place. Sew the back seam with a 3/8" seam allowance. Leave lining inside out.

Insert the lining into the outer hat. Match back seams. Pin in place and sew together using a straight stitch and sewing as close to the edge as possible (about 1/8".)

Step 8: Attach Fur Trim

The next step is to hem the top of the fur trim to keep excess fur from falling out. (*Be advised* working with faux fur can be messy!)

Fold the top of the fur trim back 1/2", wrong sides together. Sew together using a straight stitch about 1/8" from the edge.

Once you have finished the top edge, sew the sides of the fur trim closed, creating a loop. Pin the sides of fur trim with the right sides together. Brush faux fur inwards, keeping as much out of the seam as possible. Sew together using a 3/8" seam allowance.

Turn trim right side out.

Insert trim into hat with the finished end first.

Pin the fur trim to the hat, matching the back seams. As you pin the trim, push any excess fur inwards to avoid catching it in the seam.

Sew fur trim to hat using a 3/8" seam allowance.

Once sewn, pull the trim down, then fold upwards. Fold top finished edge back 1" to hide seam. To keep the trim in place you can tack the trim to the hat using a needle and thread.

Step 9: Create & Attach Fur Pom Pom

To finish your hat you just need to add the pom pom.

Using a needle and thread, create a wide basting stitch around the out edge of the pom pom. Once you've gone around the entire edge, pull your thread to tighten the edges all the way together.

Insert stuffing to fill the pom pom.

Pull your thread as tight as you can to close the pom pom and add a knot.

Insert the top of the hat into the opening of the pom pom. Hand sew the pom pom to the hat, sew all the way around the pom pom opening. The fur from the pom pom will hide the stitching.

Step 10: Wear & Enjoy

Lastly, wear and enjoy!

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