Star Wars C3PO and R2D2 Painted Shoes!




Introduction: Star Wars C3PO and R2D2 Painted Shoes!

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Star Wars C3PO and R2D2 Painted Heels!

Yes--these are the shoes you are looking for!

I was inspired by these R2D2 heels that Mikeasaurus did!

I didn't add the tech and I mixed them up a bit...but

who doesn't want mismatched droid shoes???

I love the way these turned out! Total Geek Chic!
The perfect pair!

(Although the first time I wore them was to church...and a lady there was

alarmed and took me aside to tell me that I was wearing mismatched shoes!)

Step 1: Supplies!

C3PO and R2D2 Painted Shoes!

First you will need some shoes...faux leather/vinyl shoes work great.

Here's some shoes I found at Goodwill.

A color I would never wear...and pretty worn.

You will also need:

Silver and Gold Leaf Rub 'n Buff (wax paint)

Black, White, Blue and Red Acrylic paint

Clear coat spray

Step 2: Rub 'n Buff Those Shoes!

I used 2 colors of Rub 'n Buff for these droids.
Gold Leaf and Silver Leaf (not pictured)

Pick them up at craft stores, like Hobby Lobby.

They run about $5.50 each. Way worth it...I barely used any!

They work great for so many surfaces too...if you want to

change the finish on all your cabinet hardware...easy!

If you want to steampunk out your plastic guns...easy!

Update shoes...piece of cake!

I wore a latex glove and just rubbed gold leaf Rub 'n Buff all over one shoe.
It was hard to get into the crevices...but a disposable brush or cotton swab helps!

Rub in a circular motion...think "Karate Kid"

And Silver Leaf all over the other!
Let them sit about 15 minutes.

Then take a super soft cloth and rub them in a circular motion until they shine!

Rub 'n Buff is a wax paint, so it's like waxing a car...

Then let them dry overnight.

(It ended up being a little longer, but they were dry overnight)

Step 3: Now for Painting!

Now for the detail painting...just use a picture for reference!

You can see mine's not exact...
I just used black craft paint...the cheap stuff,

and roughly sketched the designs I wanted right onto the shoe.

I'm not too careful, I like the whimsical sketched look rather than

the whole perfectionist thing.

Let the black paint dry.
Filled in the blue!

Added the red

Finishing touches with silver for highlights.

Let them dry, spray them with clear coat spray...dry overnight!

Then put them on and rock the droids!

Step 4: Rock the Droids!

Subtle droid-like inspiration...but people notice them!

I love painting shoes!
Have you ever tried it before???

Check out my blog Doodlecraft for more geek inspired fun!

And don't forget to vote! :)

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6 years ago

My daughters (8 as r2d2 & 15 wants a c3po) go to comic-cons, and these would so finish off their outfits. Such an amazing piece that you can't help want to make!
Thanks for taking the time to put this up :-)

Esmé Soule
Esmé Soule

7 years ago

Just a thought, Target and some other shoe stores have shoes like that that are originally gold or silver, you could just cut out the middleman and get those...but they wold probably be a tad more expensive than what you have...


LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I think I am going to turn my beat up skate boarding shoes into boba fetts.


8 years ago

These are the perfect shoes for any Star Wars fan... Any possible way to convert them into men's shoes? (My dad loves Star Wars!) =P


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks! Of course, you can paint any shoe! Toms or canvas shoes are great to paint too. Just don't use the rub 'n buff, use metallic acrylic paint and just brush it on. Spray paint for the base works well too for any vinyl or faux leather type of shoe! :) Your dad would LOVE a geeked out pair of shoes! :)


8 years ago

These are awesome!


Reply 8 years ago

Hey, as long as she is there. God has more important things to worry about than shoes! ;)
Nice painting skills.


8 years ago on Introduction

These look great, Natalie!

Glad I inspired you...but you have TWO droids! SO rad :)


8 years ago on Step 3

These look amazing and I think they look even better than the referenced R2D2 shoes that involved much more work. I have a pair of shoes at home right now that I want to turn into TARDIS perfection!!

Can we make a trade.... Oh my goodness I am in love with these and now I'm going to have to make my own! To top off all my other projects too. LOVE them!