Introduction: Star Wars Holochess Board

While Lucasfilm never released official rules for the game R2D2 was cautioned to lose at, Dejarik is a real game. To play it you will need a Dejarik board and an assortment of monsters, and the rules, which are available online from Star Wars fans. Here's how I built my board.


One crappy second hand clock, $4

Black and white paint


Step 1:

Using masking tape and paper, mask off the rim of the clock.

Step 2:

Give the clock face a coat of white spray paint, then, using a compass and protractor, divide it into three rings and twelve segments. Every alternate square is black. Put on a podcast and carefully paint in the black segments.

Step 3: Add Monsters

Remove the masking tape, download the rules, get some monsters and you are ready to play!

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