Star Wars Honda Ct110 "Postie" Bike.

Introduction: Star Wars Honda Ct110 "Postie" Bike.

A long long time ago on a postal route far far away... 

I have always been a bit of a starwars nut, and I wanted to make my honda ct110 or "Postie Bike" as we call them in Australia stand out. So naturally I combined the two into this concoction of pure awesome!  

When people ask me where I got this bike from I tell them, "I won it in a game of sabacc".
When they give it praise I agree with, "ah yes the force is strong with this one"
When they ridicule it's incredibly underpowered 110cc engine I inform them "She might not look like much but she'll do the kessel run  in under 12 parsecs!"

It took 3 friends and myself a night to get it stripped and sanded. 

I then used the same technique as what you see in this video to paint the base coat:

After that I masked off the red details and put about 3 rattle cans of clear coat over the top to protect it. 

The R2 D2 on the back is a toy from the 70's I found on ebay and the box is a cheap aluminum tool box.

All up the mod cost me roughly $150 including some new parts for the bike like brake cables and such. 
But paint alone I'd say less than $50. 
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    6 years ago

    I miss my postie. I had one when I was a teenager.

    They are hard to get here in the states.