Introduction: Star Wars Light Cover

"Come to the dark side"with this Luke and Vader light cover

Step 1: Print Off the Names "Vader" and "Luke".

I used 56 letter size.

Step 2: Halfway Over the Light Cover Place Tape Down.

Step 3: Cut Out the Letters VADER and on the Back of the Letters Use a Very Little Amount of Tape to Tape Down the Letters to the Bottom of the Light Cover.

Step 4: Start Painting One Half of the Cover Black. Paint Onto the Letters As Well.

Step 5: Peel Off the Letters Now.

Fix up any imperfections with the back of your brush and more paint.

Step 6: Peel Off the Tape and Start Painting the Other Side White.

Step 7: Cut Out Your Letters But Save the Paper (you Don't Need the Letters You Need the Rest of It)

Step 8: Tape on the Letter Outline Onto the Cover.

Step 9: Fill in the Letters With Black Paint.

Step 10: Peel Off the Stencils and You're All Done!

If you want to add even more you can cut out a Darth Vader shadow and paint it! It will look even cooler!

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