Introduction: Star Wars Lightsaber Utensils

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I love the Star Wars movies. With the new movie there came a flood of products into the market. One of which was a set of flatware themed like lightsabers. The moment I saw them I thought, "I can do that". And I did with my own twist. My lightsaber utensils light up!

Step 1: Tools/Materials


Soldering Iron

Helping Hands

PVC Pipe Cutter

Wire Cutter


Tools to work the Sugru


1/4 inch PVC Pipe

Silver Sharpie

Black Sugru

Masking Tape

Soapy Water


Heat Shrink Tubing

Hot Glue Sticks

Clear Plastic Flatware


Blue LED

Green LED

Coin Cell Batteries - AG

Step 2: Cut the Pipe

I cut the pipe using a PVC pipe cutting knife. I marked out how long the pipe needed to be using my hand as a guide. I cut one at an angle to mimic the lightsaber Luke uses from A New Hope. You can use the pipe cutter to get any look you want.

Step 3: Decorate the Pipe

I used Sugru and a silver sharpie to decorate the pipe. I used masking tape mark out the pattern I wanted to appear on the pipe. The lightsabers used by Luke, Vader, and Yoda were my inspiration. After marking out the area I applied the Sugru. When applying the Sugru be sure to work it for a few seconds between your fingers before spreading it on the pipe. Also use some soapy water to help you work and smooth the Sugru. I also used the packaging of the Sugru to help smooth it out. After smoothing slowly remove the tape to see your pattern. After tape removal inspect your Sugru pattern and use a knife or soapy finger to clean it up.

After the Sugru has dried you can use your silver Sharpie to color the pipe. I coated all mine in silver, but you could use any color sharpie you wanted.

Step 4: Build the Lights

I first attached a wire to the button and used some heat shrink to secure the solders. Then I attached the button to one of the leads of the led using heat shrink to secure the solders. Once secured I placed two of the batteries inside a piece of heat shrink. Then I placed the unsoldered lead from the LED on the batteries and the loose wire of the button on the other side. Make sure you test which side the wires go on. The LED will not work if the polarities do not match. Then I heated up the heat shrink to keep the wires in contact.

Step 5: Assemble Your Awesome Eating Utensil

Dry fit the plastic utensils with their respective lights to make sure everything fits. Then position the plastic utensil inside the PVC tube where you want it and hot glue it in. Then place the light in the other end of the tube and hot glue it in. Let the glue dry and eat your food like a Jedi. These are not dishwasher safe. They might not even be hand washing safe. I would love to 3D print these someday. If you make your own post it below.

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