Star Wars Mandalorian Steel Art

Introduction: Star Wars Mandalorian Steel Art

This is a one of a kind piece of art that was made specially for a Star Wars art show. There are so many unique details that it could never be recreated exactly. I wanted it to look like it had been hanging in the desert for over 100 years, getting shot at and weathering. A lot went into making are the details:I did the design and then waterjet cut it from 3/16" thick mild steel. It was then sandblasted and a rusty patina was applied. A master blacksmith helped me with the "Bullet holes" and also permanently welded the chain on. It weights approximately 11 pounds and is 19" wide x 26" tall. The chain adds another 11" in height.

Step 1: Waterjet Cut Steel

waterjetcut 3/16" steel

Step 2: Bullet Holes

use a dimple die to create bullet holes

Step 3: Wild West Hanging Chain

Weld steel chain on

Step 4: Patina

Natural rust patina by outdoor aging and watering

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7 years ago on Introduction

Such a cool piece of art! If you have any pictures of the build process I'd love to see them!