Introduction: Star Wars Rebel Fleet Trooper Helmet DIY

Things you will need.
Paper mâché
White glossy spray paint
Black acrylic paint
Silver thumb tacks
Toy army helmet
Radio antenna
One large button and two small buttons
Craft foam
Sanding block
2 balloons
Duct tape
DIY time!!!
First paper mâché the shape of the main part of the helmet on a balloon (make the shape what looks right to you) you will need to do at least 3 layers.
Then do the same but for the fin part of the helmet.
Glue your fin on to the main part of the helmet (use a lot of glue, and use pictures for reference)
After that glue your army helmet in the main part using a lot of glue, to make it fit and not slide around glue craft foam where your forehead would go until it feels right.
Now use the white spray paint all over the helmet (same as the paper mâché you will need to do at least 3 layers.
Now use the black acrylic paint on the front for a visor (use pictures for reference).
Put the 2 silver thumb tacks on both corners of the black visor.
Now for the communications box on the side.
Cut 2 of the corners off of the sanding block so they look like they do in the pictures.
Spray these ding block with the white spray paint or white acrylic paint.
Stab the radio antenna in like in the pictures.
Cut out thins strips of craft foam and glue those to the right side of the sanding block.
Put the big button on the bottom left of the sanding block and the 2 little ones above that. Give in another coat of paint but don't get the antenna.
Glue that on to the left side of the helmet.
Now if u want a chin strap. Glue one end of the elastic to the army helmet and then secure it with duct tape.
String an oval piece of craft foam like in the picture.
Put velcrow on the other end of the army helmet and the elastic.
And there you go.