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Introduction: Star Wars Westar-35 Blaster Pistol Prop

Hello again! today I will be showing you how to make a Westar 35 blaster pistol (prop, of course!). these pistols were commonly used by Mandalorians throughout the Star Wars universe, as always, here's a wookieepedia article:

if you choose to go the El Cheapo route, as I did, and make this out of cardboard, here is a link to my previous instructable on making durable cardboard props:

So! let's get started!

Step 1: The Inner Body

this step is relatively simple. you are going to make an 'L' shape, using your choice material (cardboard, wood, EVA foam, other foam, undestroyable titanium steel alloy, etc.). make the handle large enough for your hand, make the main part of the top the same length as the handle, and make the little piece that juts out stick out about another inch. this will form the base for your prop.

Step 2: The End Thingy

for this step, you will need a piece of PVC pipe, 1/2 inch wide, about 7 or 8 inches long, a bandsaw, and (if you are doing this out of cardboard) a vanilla extract box. the bandsaw, you will need to cut a wide slit in the PVC (not too wide; just big enough to fit over the little piece that juts out from your base). you can use any saw, I just found the bandsaw to work well. fit that over the end piece, as shown in the first picture.

Now, the second picture will show the kind of box I'm talking about. if you are doing this out of something other than cardboard, or can't find a vanilla extract box (they come in different brands) like it, make a box that's 2"/5"/1". Make sure that your PVC can go through as shown in the third picture!

if you are using a vanilla extract box, cut the bottom off, and cut the top half of the top off. then slide it on as shown in the third picture.

Step 3: The Other Thingy, Pt. 1

Now, cut a piece like the one shown in the first picture; the other one has the dimensions...

Step 4: The Other Thingy, Pt. 2

now, fold and tape it together, like so. this is really just basic paper sloyd, all you're doing is making a 3D object from a 2D one

Step 5: The Other Thingy, Pt. 3

... and then just fit it on as shown (do this by sliding it up the handle; it's by far the easiest way). you may have to add some pieces inbetween it and the base, so that it has some more support, I haven't actually done it this way, I'm just showing you a way that doesn't waste a lot of duct tape, I made this by converting a project I did long ago when I thought duct tape could do anything. after this, if you made this out of cardboard, I recommend going to step 2 of the instructable I put a link for in the intro, otherwise (or if you already did all that shnazzy stuff) paint it as shown in the wookieepedia article, vote for it in the Halloween props contest, and happy trick or treating this month!

Step 6: And Paint!

aannd, there's nothing left but painting! good luck!

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