Star Wars Light-saber (Pool Noodle)-Prop

Introduction: Star Wars Light-saber (Pool Noodle)-Prop

Hello every one, here I will show you how to make your very own star wars light-saber Boffer weapon. This is roughly $7-10 in material. about $25 if you buy all brand new stuff.

Step 1: Material

1 star wars light saber. the ones that have a big handle and with the colored plastic connectors that you flick out and they connect (I suggest using the 1 i have in the pic cause its easy to work with and looks cool). 3 FT-(1/2 inch PVC pipe). 1 (1/2 inch pvc cap). 1 (SCH40- 3/4 inch adapter). 2 (5 min set time) Plastic epoxy glue. 1 pool noodle

PLease not!!!  when you go to your local hard wear store to get the 3/4 inch adapter, bring a sample piece of your 1/2 inch pvc with you. I have found that not every 3/4 inch adapter will fit on your pvc pipe. what I mean by this is that most will slip on smooth, and this you do not want. You must go through the batches of adapters that the store has on the shelf and find that one (what I call factory dud) that has a little extra plastic on it, inside the connector. You will know you have found the right one when it is hard to fit the 1/2 inch pvc through and once you do, it should be a little pain to pool it back out. if this happend you have found the right connector, Congrats!!, so buy that one. (warning tho, do not keep testing it or you will ware the inside out and it will slid on easy like all the rest)

Step 2: Setting Up the Light-saber

here you will prepare the light saber. when you finally get the cap off from the bottom of the light saber rip out all the guts with long pliers. you should see a red button like pine and a flat metal slider piece that connects with the red button on the light-saber,rip them all out of the light-saber. After that put the small cap back on. this task helps clear out all the junk that will get in the way when you put your core center in the ligh-saber

Step 3:

next step you will (using a rubber hammer) hammer the 3/4 inch adapter in the whole of the light saber. when choosing a side, i suggest the side that has the plastic pillars side (the side with the straight lines going down it) cause it adds a little more of a tight grip when it is finally hammered in to the plastic. Hammer the 3/4 inch pvc until the honey come shape just barley at the tip of the light-saber hole. next break out your epoxy and mix it all up good. once that is done poor it down the hole of the light-saber, make sure to get every drop you can. after that quickly put the 1/2 inch pvc down in the light-saber. it will be a tight fit. (Hammer if necessary) when putting the 1/2 inch pvc down the light-saber. At the bottom you should feel it stop. wiggle the pipe side to side. You should feel it catch and slid down just a little more in side the light-saber.

Step 4:

after you u have put the 1/2 inch PVC pipe in the light-saber handle, stand it up and leave it alone for 3 hrs. the epoxy will adhere everything and once done the core wont bunch a centimeter. after that put on any color pool noodle you want and bam, your done

Step 5:

Now just throw any kind of colored pool noodle you want on and you have your very own Star Wars boffering Light-Saber!!!

Step 6:

K everyone. this is one new part i am adding. Thanks to a friend, I have noticed something more to this instructable. K, it is cheap to build the light-saber. now if you are doing this the cheap way you will only need about 2-3 epoxy tubes-(note this is if you are a light taper for LARP) Now if you are a hard taper and like blunt force and whacking, you need  enough epoxy to fill the entire light saber. So basically 3 epoxy tubes for a light taper and 7-10 epoxy if you are a hard hitter.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I've made something like this before, but i used pvc padding/insulation. That made it much thinner and lighter. But i really like the idea of using the handle from the toy. Great job.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. Yae I would0of liked to make it thinner to but in traditional LARP rule the padding has to be an inch away from the core center. So this is really the only method that will work for legal LARP/Foam battling rules


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    i see. I've never really larped before, again, great job.