Introduction: Starbucks Fakeuccino

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I had a Starbucks Frappuccino and LOVED it the minute i had it, but it cost me about $2.50?  This does not taste like the actual Frappuccino but is a way to reuse the bottle and make your own "Fakeuccino".

Step 1: Label (optional)

 de-cap the lid of the bottle and look closely at the bottle. de-label (back side) the bottle and take a closer look at this label (ingredients or Contains:)

The pictures will explain!

Step 2: Research

 Who knows what Pectin or Ascorbic acid is??
Not me...

I went to and typed them in, what i found was quite interesting...

Pectin: gelling agent (thickener).
Ascorbic acid: Vitamin C

Step 3: Wash Em

 Wash the bottles and lids.  The bottles will air dry fine, but the lids need special attention... after washing them, take a look at their undersides.  in all the groves of latex can hide little coffee bits, make sure you get them.

Step 4: Don't Cry, Its O.K.

 No need to cry but you can put away your old Starbucks Coffee cup.

Step 5: How Much Does One Bottle Hold?

 A bottle holds 2 cups, the picture says 1 1/2 but that is WRONG! you will see i added extra in the brewing step...

Step 6: Coffee Choice

 You can choose many flavors, decaf, caffeinated, etc.  For this, just buy the flavorless coffee.

Step 7: I'm Making My Recipe of Coffee (last Step)

4 TBSP hot cocoa mix.
4 TBSP half and half
2 CUPS coffee

Step 8: Close

 Put the cap back on.  Make sure not to burn yourself!

Step 9: Chilling!

 Pick up the bottle, you may need to use something to hold it because it is HOT!

put it in the fridge and grab it in the morning.

Step 10: Recipe!


My recipe is:

• 1 cup coffee.
• 2 heaping tbsp hot cocoa powder.
• 2 tbsp half and half or milk.



• 1 cup hot brewed coffee.
• 1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder.
• 1 tablespoon white sugar.
• 2 tablespoons milk.


• 1 cup coffee.
• ½ teaspoons vanilla extract.
• 2 tbsp milk or half and half.
• Sugar to flavor.

Chai Latte

sdhardie says:
I've been making my own versions of these for a short while now, and they do not require heating.  And they taste just as good, if not better, than the real thing!

1 level teaspoon instant coffee
9 oz skim milk
1 or 2 packets of Splenda (sweeter than sugar, so go easy)
Stir well. Add ice.  Enjoy!

Delicious and fat/sugar free!]

I make something similar.  1 Can sweetened condensed milk,  I pot of drip coffee, anywhere from 8-10 cups, depending on your taste, (you can also use flavored coffees, everyone likes the hazlenut and chocolate) 2-4 heaping tablespoons hot chocolate mix, and teaspoon of vanilla extract if you wish.  Pour the SCM into a heat-proof pitcher, let the coffee cool a couple minutes, poor on top of the SCM and stir to combine, chill and enjoy. OH YES! I also pour some of the coffee into the SCM can to melt any of the milk still stuck to the inside.  That coffee goes into the pitcher as well.  Easy and cheap.  I buy store-brand sweetened condensed milk, magnolia brand, or eagle if it's on sale.  I have also noticed that for some reason SCM targeted toward the hispanic market is cheaper and really good.  I also shop at an Asian market and get a good price there, too.

sostahoe says:
I am a bartender and have made a version that is a hit and is constantly commented as a duplicate taste to the out of the bottle product.  ingredients are half cup coffee, one instant hot coco mix , about 10 oz cup of whip cream.  Method = using (Boston style) martini  shaker fill with ice and coffee on one side and whip cream and coco on other, combine and shake. (like a martini) strain/pour , serve. 

Make and take

• Make your everyday coffee how you like it and put it in the fridge and chill it. That way you know you will like it when you wake up squinting looking in the fridge for you coffee!

Add your recipes in the comments and i will add them into the instructable!

Step 11: Live, Love, Coffee??o

 Join the group if you Live, Love, Coffee!

Coffee, you can sleep when your dead!

Step 12: So, How Much $ Do I Actually Save a Month?

  an average month is 30 days.  This is how much you save by using the recipe I PROVIDED.

1 pack of 12 fraps - $25.00
$25 \ 12 fraps = $2.08
$2.08 * 30 Month=

TOTAL = 62.40

1 pack of 108 K-Cups = $54.99
$54.99 \ 108 cups = $.50 per cup
$.50 * 30 = $15 month
gallon of milk = $3.50 roughly
Swis Miss hot cocoa = $19.87 - 80 ounce 
4 tbsp = 2 ounces (close enough)

TOTAL = 38.37
(this is with the whole hot cocoa container since i don't know how many tbsp is in 80 ounces!)

Although it does not taste the exact same, you save....

$24.03 every month, this could seem like a little , But...

1 Month = 24.03
2 = 48.06
3 = 72.09
4 = 96.12
5 = 120.15
6 = 144.18
7 = 168.21
8 = 192.24
9 = 216.27
10 = 240.30
11 = 264.33
year = 288.36

Its not much but you still are saving little by little!