Introduction: Starchglue/Potatismjolsklister

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Glue for flyposting,papier mache,wallpapering made from potatostarch you could also use cornstarch
Remember this glue sticks like hell if used properly. .

Klister for streetart,papier mache, tapetsering mm. Detta lim biter fast som fan om det andvands ratt. Det lamnar aven flackar pa porosa ytor.

Step 1: The Supplies

A pan or something to boil the water in.
A measuringcup
A small bowl or cup to mix the coldwater/starch solution in
A whisk
And finaly the Starch which in this case, since iam in sweden is potatostarch

En kastrull
Deciliter matt
En liten skal att blanda potatismjol och kallvatten i

Step 2: Measuring the Water

Measure up about 4 deciliter of water in your pan.
Put to boil on the hob while you preapre the next step.
If you cant be bothered to bring it to a boil on the hob just
a electric kjettle and heat the water while you hvae your
pan on a hot plate

Mat upp 4 dl med vatten i kastrullen.
och koka upp det medans du forbereder nasta steg.
Anvand vattenkokare om du inte orkar koka upp det pa
spisen .Sla bara pa plattan och stall pa din kastrull och
hall sedan i det kokande vattnet fran vattenkokaren i kastrullen

Step 3: Measuring and Mixing Your Starch

Take about one and a half tablespoons of starch
and mix with about half to one deciliter or so of cold water.
Be sure to stir out any lumps until its smooth.
Dont be tempted to take more starch than this because
you willl end up with something akin to Jello

Ta ungefar en och en halv matsked med potatismjol
och blanda med ca en halv till en deciliter vatten.
Blanda noga och mosa ut eventuella klumpar
tills det blir jamt.
Fall inte for frestelsen att ta mer potatismjol an sa har
for da far du nanting som paminnner om gele

Step 4: Whisking That Gooey Goodnes

Take your hopefully boilng water of the hob.
Now pour the starch and cold water in a thin stream in the boiling hot water while whisking the crap out it so it doesnt get a chance to get lumpy in wich case it better to start over.

The reason i dont have a pic of it is because i only have 2 hands and both were needed for this step

Ta dit forhoppningsvis kokande vatten av plattan.
Hall din kalla vatten och potatismjol blanding i en tunn strale ner i det heta vattnet medans du vispar
utav bara fan annars blir det klumpar och da ar det lika bra att borja om.

Bilden av detta uteblev pga att jag bara har tva hander och dom var upptagna.

Step 5: Storing It

Pour the glue into a suitable container.
In my case a rinsed out Carte D'or icecream container.
Put in the fridge and let cool then go out and glue stuff on walls but only where youre allowed.

Hall upp ditt klister i en lamplig behallare.
I mitt fall en diskad Carte D'or glasslada.
stall i kylen och lat svalna, ga sedan ut och limma saker pa vaggar.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instructable! but does any of you guys know how to preserve the starchglue for a longer period of time? 

    The recipe used here is equivalent to
    • Boil 1 2/3 cups water.
    • Dissolve 1.5 tablespoons potato starch in 3 to 7 tablespoons of cold water.
    • Rapidly stir the starch into the boiling water, then cool.

    It's good that you mentioned cornstarch. We grow crazy amounts corn here in the US, so corn starch is extremely cheap.

    A difference from potato starch is that corn starch does not reach quite the same thickness and will begin to thin again if it is boiled for too long.


    13 years ago on Step 5

    Good, i always run out of glue at home, now i have a backup.. Bra jag brukar fa slut pa lim hemma, nu finns en reservplan, hare gott..


    15 years ago on Introduction

    it looks like corn syrup: is it? hve you bossible found a way to make corn syrup?!


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    No this isn't cornsyrup this is corn/potatostarch glue. It is used for street art and flyposting.


    15 years ago

    i think i did everything that you said to do correctly, but when im stirring it up, it isnt getting as thick as it seems in your pictures. do you know what im doing wrong?


    Reply 15 years ago

    Well the truth is that i used abit to muych starch in the batch onm the piccies it turned into jello