Introduction: Stargate Bookend (Made in Fusion 360)

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Do you have your books on your shelf challenging to organize? Your books always mess and tumble down every time you add books on it? I have a solution to solve this problem. Why do not you make a bookend with some decorations that you like, for example, from movie props? Here I share how to make a bookend inspired by Stargate movie. No more further ado, let's start this project.

You can find and download my design in Thingiverse or cults3d

For more project idea, visit 3D Printing Center.

Step 1: Preparation

For making a 3D Model in Fusion 360, you need to open Fusion 360 software initially. If you have never working with Fusion 360 previously, click here to download it. It is a free trial for not related education or click here for education only. When you open Fusion 360, it will direct you to the blank document. Choose the location of the file and save the document.

Step 2: First Portal- Pt.1

For making the first portal, we will work in the sketch area. Select create sketch and choose the plane. Click center diameter circle. For this portal, you will need five circles with the same center point.

Step 3: First Portal- Pt.2

Next, sketch the details of the portal, as shown in the pictures. Use lines for making straight lines and fit point splines for making curve lines. After making all the details, finish the sketch.

Step 4: First Portal- Pt.3

Select the sketch and extrude them one by one. Select create pattern and choose circular pattern. Select the pattern type, which is the body. Select the object that you want to make a pattern and the axis for circulating. Lastly, count the number of details that you want to duplicate. In this project, I choose 9 duplicates. Do the same with other patterns. I use 34 duplicates for those.

Step 5: Base for First Portal- Pt. 1

You need to create the base for the first portal that you already made it previously. You still have to work in the sketch area. Remember to choose the plane correctly. Select the line and make the shape of a trapezoid. Finish the sketch. Extrude it. Back to the sketch area, create another trapezoid and extrude it.

Step 6: Base for First Portal- Pt. 2

Continue to make other details, such as stairs and other details for the base as shown in the pictures. Because all details are rectangular's shape, you can use lines or 2-point-rectangles. After finish sketching, extrude them as you desire.

Step 7: Stargate SG1 Atlantis Dial Home Device- Pt. 1

To make this home device, simply sketch a rectangle in the sketch and extrude them. It is for the base. Moreover, use the offset plane and select the plane on the top of the base. Create a center diameter circle and extrude it. Make other details for the home device as shown in the picture.

Step 8: Stargate SG1 Atlantis Dial Home Device- Pt. 2

To smooth the details, use fillet and enter the depth of the fillet as you like. Click ok.

Step 9: Finishing First Portal

Patch the inner circle of the portal. Select the edges that you want to patch and click ok. You are finished with the first portal of Stargate.

Step 10: Human Figures

The next step is creating human figures. Create these figures in the sketch area by using fit point spline as you like. Extrude it. You need to make 2 full human figures and 2 half-human figures.

Step 11: Symbols in the Gate Ring

I made symbols using the letter of STARGATE SG-1. In the sketch area, click the area that you want to make the letter. Click create and select text. Enter the letter. Change the height and angle. You can change the font style, too as you like. Extrude it. Do with the same step until all the gate rings are covered with a letter. Extrude them one by one.

Step 12: Rendering

This is the advantage of using Fusion 360 when creating 3D Modelling. You can render the models by choosing the materials that you like.

Step 13: Second Portal

The second portal is the same as the first one. Therefore, all you need is duplicate the first portal.

Step 14: Base for Second Portal

The difference with the first portal is only the base. For making the second base, create a sketch. Make some rectangles and triangles for this base. Extrude them one by one. See the pictures for more clarification.

Step 15: Rendering

Now it is time to render your final design. Render it with the color that you like. Moreover, you can choose whatever materials you desired.

Step 16: Printing

Save every part to .stl file and print it. I used white PLA filament for all parts because I want to do some finishing with the print result, except for the Dial home, I used the black PLA Filament.

Step 17: Polishing the Printing- Pt. 1

To make the printing is smooth and beautiful, you need to smooth the printing one by one. First, smooth the model by using sandpaper. Start with sandpaper #240,320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, and 2000.

Step 18: Polishing the Printing- Pt. 2

I experienced error in my printing, which is my patching is not printed. I do not know why. Therefore, I made another cylinder and print it with the diameter exactly the same as the hole in the portal. I glue it. After that, give some wood fillers to the printing results to fill the gap in the portal. Rest it until the wood fillers dry for about 30 minutes. Sand it. Remove all dusts and debris from sanding.

Step 19: Polishing the Printing- Pt. 3

Now it is time for painting. Take spray paints and paint it with the color of your choice. I use yellow and red paint for the base and green for the people. For the portal, because it is too small and has many details in it, I use a paintbrush to paint it. I use gold, red and blue colors for the portal.

Step 20: Assemble

Glue all one by one as your design with hot glue.

Step 21: Finished

You are finished with your design and display it by printing them. Now you have one bookend with Stargate decoration on it. Enjoy! I hope you like my instructables. Thank you for reading mine.

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