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This is a video game character that I copied for my son. I often use a body form to check the size and proportion of the costume pieces as I go along. Many times the person I am making costumes for is not available for a fitting and the body form makes an excellent substitute.
  The shoulder pads here are made of canvas with a heavy layer of acrylic paint. I sewed a strap along the lower edge with a buckle on the ends to keep the shoulder pads in place.
   I found a tight fitting grey t -shirt and pullup grey pants at a thrift store. There are tea stained linen strips that are wrapped around the lower legs over the pants. I used a suede fabric for the loin cloth. The ends have been tattered and stained with shoe polish ( my new favorite staining method).
   There are two belts layered around the waist and hips.
  Strips of grey stained fabrics were wrapped around the wrist and upper arms.
   This was an inexpensive costume to make and could be made in a few hours. The key is to distressed the fabrics to give the character a battle stressed look.

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