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Introduction: Starlight in Your Room

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A small, easy to make, paper-and-carton craft that puts starlight in your room.

Step 1: What's Needed

What's needed? Not much.


-paperboard (carton)



-nail (or other sharp, round, point)

-phone flashlight

Step 2: Position Paper on Paperboard.

Step 3: Punch Little Holes Into the Paper, With the Nail.

Step 4: After You Have Punched a Lot of Holes Into the Paper Fold It Into a Open Box Shape.

You can use the scissor here.

Step 5: Staple the Sides

Step 6: Now Cut the Carton Into 4 Strips.

Step 7: Bend the 4 Pieces.

Step 8: Staple Them to the 4 Corners of the Paper Half-box

Step 9: And Flip It Over on It's Legs.

Step 10: Wait Until It's Dark and Then Switch Your Phone's Flashlight on and Place It Under the Paper-box-thing

Step 11: Watch the Stars!

Step 12: You Might Want to Change the Height of the Phone With Some Books to Adjust the Light Focus.

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