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Introduction: Starry Night Necklace

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In this instructuble I will show you how I made this beautiful artsy necklace, of the famous painting Starry Night.

I hope you enjoy it!!

Step 1: Materiels Needed

1- A piece of wood : 4mm in thickness.

2- Pencil.

3- Measurements tape or a ruler.

4- Paint Brushes : Flat brush n°3

Round brush n°2/0#

5- Acrylic paint : Phthalo Green

Dark brown


Lighter blue

Mars Black

Titanium White

Cadmium Yellow Medium

Cadmium Orange Hue

6- Cutter or exacto knife.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

This step is simple and easy :

First I measured 4cm x 4.5cm on the piece of wood, using the cutter I cut the piece I measured, then I sanded the edges with a sand paper to make them smooth.

Step 3: Drawing the Starry Night

- I started sketching the Starry Night by using a pencil.

- Then I Started painting following this steps :

Step 1: I used a 3/4 inch brush to paint the entire piece of wood blue.

Step 2: I painted the bottom land area with dark blue.

Step 3: I painted the small spirals and the river with light blue.

Step 4: Then I painted yellow circles for base of the moon and the stars.

Step 5: After that I painted small yellow lines along the river and on the light blue spirals.

Step 6: I added smaller orange circles throught the sky for the base of the yellow stars.

Step 7 : Then I added some light ultramarine dash lines in the sky.

Step 8 : Then I painted grasses on the sides of the river with phthalo green.

Step 9 : I painted the black crypress tree in the left then I sketched the lines of the houses.

Step 10 : I painted the houses then added textures in the bottom land area.

- Finally I made a small hole in the upper side of the painting then I put a jump ring in the hole, then I put a waxed cotton cord through it.

I hope you like you, and if you have any question please feel free to ask me

See you in the next instructable.

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    2 years ago

    It looks very nice. I also like the idea of painting on a square shape instead of a round one :)