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Introduction: Starry Night & Tardis Pocket Shirt

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I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who and I love art, and this shirt is the perfect combination of the two. Far less morbid than Vincent van Gogh's painting of the exploding Tardis, this pretty pocket shirt would make a perfect gift for any art critic or Whovian.

Watch the video for full instructions and to see my painting method!

What you'll need:

  • A plain t-shirt
  • A piece of fabric to paint the pocket detail on
  • Fabric paint in various colours
  • Basic sewing equipment
  • Paint brushes
  • A ruler

Step 1: Draw Your Pocket Shape and Sketch Basic Design

Start by drawing the shape you want your pocket to be, leaving a 1cm border around it. Don't cut this out yet - it's easier to work on the larger piece of fabric. Sketch out the basic design of the painting using the tailor's pen, marking out any prominent features in the image.

Step 2: Paint Your Pocket

Start by painting the base colours in each section, and allow them to dry before adding detail. Allow each layer of paint to dry before adding a new colour, to ensure the colours don't blend together. Use tiny brush strokes and lines to get the right effect with your paint.

Step 3: Cut and Tack

Cut the excess fabric away, leaving a border of about 1cm around the pocket area. Tack down the top edge of the pocket, hiding the raw edges of the fabric, and sew it down.

Step 4: Tack and Sew to Shirt

Finally, tack the other edges of the pocket down as you did at the top, and then tack the pocket onto the shirt. Sew it down, leaving the t

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    7 years ago

    Love this!!


    7 years ago

    This turned out really well. Thanks for sharing.


    7 years ago

    Very cool! Nice change, no explosions...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, nobody dying and no apocalypse is a pretty good sign. :P Thank you!