Introduction: Stars in a Jar - the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend :)

Hey guys. In this instructable I will try to show you how to make the PERFECT gift for your girlfriend :)). So it's very simple to make and doesn't cost much. Sooo, let's go!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

So.. Before we begin with the "making process", let's talk about the materials we need.

- 1 glass jar

- 2 plastic cups (you can use whatever you want instead of the plastic cups, but only transparent materials!!)

- a roll of aluminium foil

- LEDs (the I used 6 LEDs, but if your jar is bigger, you can use as much as you want)

- resistors (the count depends on the LEDs you use. We will do some soldering, don't be scared, it's simple :) )

- power source (I used 1 9v battery)

- some cables

- button

- aaaaaand the most important part - A GIRLFRIEND!

Step 2: The Jar

So.. There we gooo..

We start with the "body" of our "sky". If you want, you can use your imagination and make the gift better (as I did :p) with etching the namer of your girl on the jar. I will show it in a picture, but I will hide the name and will show only the heart I made under the name.. :p

It's easy to make, just paint a square at the jar (use spray, or whatever you want) and use something sharp to cut the name (and the heart :D)

Step 3: Bring the Stars!

Now you will use the aluminium foil (which maybe you borowed from your mum).

The process is very simple. First you cut the foil at the size you need (it must fit in the jar) and then start making tiny holes (use a needle).

Then I decided to make a "body" for the foil, so it wont fall. I used 2 plastic cups and made this figure shown and turned the foil around it.

(with the lamp I show how it should look like)

Step 4: The LEDs

Let's shine!

I hope that you know how to use a soldering iron and you know the OHMs law. So if you don't know how to soldier go to youtube, there are plenty of videos how to :p. For these who know how to, I will just show what I made and they can improvise. I used 6 leds, 1 9v battery some cables and resistors to make the "illuminator"

Step 5: Assembling

At the final step, just put the foil in the jar and put the LEDs in the foil. Put the cover and that's all :p

PS - the name shines too :))