Bicycle Starship Enterprise

Introduction: Bicycle Starship Enterprise

About: I live in Davis, CA, USA. It's very flat here, so we ride bikes a lot and make our own fun.

Starship Enterprise Bicycle stopped traffic in the middle of busy intersections In Davis, CA, USA, people chased after me to stop and take photos, all-in-all a fun Halloween 2010. The warp nacelles are from cardboard tubes, painted white, filled with a strings of LEDs, and mounted on bamboo struts bungeed on the bicycle cargo rack on back. The "saucer section" was a hoop of kid tent poles zip tied onto a cross of bamboo. The "engineering section" was a 5 gallon platic bucket with a "jack-o-latern LED light" inside. In full light the bike looked simple and childish, but in the dark of night, groups of people screamed and cheered, "Beam me up, Scotty!"

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