Introduction: Start New Thin Coil Wire

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How to start a new coiling wire on a project so it is neat.

Tools required:
Flat Needle Nose Pliers w/o ridges
Wire Cutters
New coiling wire
Existing jewellery project

When coiling often you run out of the current wire before the end of the coiling section. 

With this tutorial learn how to start a new coiling wire that is virtually undetectable on the finished project.

Step 1: Ending the Finished Coiling Wire

First we need to finish off the end of the existing coiling wire.

Smooth the wire end.

If the finished end is too pointy, file the working end until flat.

Or, cut a small bit of the working end off with the flat side of the wire cutters facing the coil. This should leave you a nice flat edge.

Continue coiling the wire with finger tips until it is impossible to do any more.

Pick up your flat needle nose pliers.

Step 2: Nestle Wire End Down

With the flat needle nose pliers, use the pliers as an extension of your finger tips.

Gently bend and guide the end of the wire down next to the rest of the coil.

Then squeeze the flat needle nose pliers on the whole coil.

Turn your pliers in the same direction as the coil.  This should force the wire end to snug up against the core wire.

Rub your fingers over the edge, if you can still feel it poking up then repeat with the pliers.

The wire end should end up snugged up against the core wire in line with the coil like the second photo on this step.

Step 3: Start New Coiling Wire

Cut the next required length of coiling wire.  It is a good idea to keep the wire length to a yard or a meter - or it gets too long to handle easily.

Lay the end of the new coiling wire next to the core wire. 

While holding the tail, coil the new wire IN THE SAME DIRECTION AS PREVIOUS COIL.

Continue until the coil is at least 10 mm (0.4 in). Your finger tips can anchor 6 – 10 mm of coiled wire and continue the coil without trouble.

Step 4: Tidy Up New Wire Tail

Coil up the tail until you cannot move with finger tips.

Tidy tail of new wire up just as you treated the finished coiling wire end.

In this photo I have tidied up the tail before I had a coil measuring 6 - 10 mm to fit it all in the photographs.

Step 5: Finish the Join

Push the new coil wire until it lies next to the old coil.

Twist the coil around until the two ends match up.

Hold this join in your finger tips so the new coil does not slip.

Continue coiling until it is time to anchor the coiling wire or make a bend in the core wire.

Before doing either, double check that the join is still in place like in the photo on this step.  Continue with the anchor or core wire bend which will fix the position of the coiling wire in place.

You are done!

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