Introduction: Start a Program Automatically When Hooking a Laptop Onto a Docking Station

About: I am a semiconductor engineer. I do a lot projects as a hobby, such as robotics, programming, microcontroller, 3D printing, CAD modeling, and CNC.

This instructible is about how to run a program or an application when you hook your laptop onto a docking station.

In this example I am using Lenovo T480 Windows 10.

Step 1: Open Task Scheduler

Press the Window key then type "Task Scheduler" and it will open the application

Step 2: Create a Task

Click the "Create a Basic Task" on the right hand menu of the Task Scheduler window.

Fill in the name and description, whatever you want.

Then click "Next" button on the bottom.

Step 3: Trigger Event

Select "When a specific event is logged"

Then press "Next" button

Step 4: Select the Event

This is the part to select the event in which the laptop is hooked on a docking station.

Follow what is shown on the picture in this step.

Then press "Next" button.

Step 5: Select a Program

Select the "Start a program" then press "Next" button.

The next window show the program or script to run. Browse to the location of a program you wish to run. In this example I browse and select the Internet Explorer app.

Press "Next" button then in the next window press "Finish"

That's it. The program will run whenever you hook your laptop into a docking station.