Starter Project 2 | Objects As Sensors

Introduction: Starter Project 2 | Objects As Sensors

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Add voice to the objects around you with the Touch Board

Use your Touch Board Starter Kit to give voice to the objects around you. Record a message about which vitamins to take, a reminder to water your plants or even link your favourite song to a photo frame.

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Step 1: Materials

To begin you will need:

1 x Touch Board

1 x Guidebook

1 x MicroSD Card

1 x MicroSD Card Reader

1 x Micro USB Cable

1 x Mini Speaker

12 x Alligator Clips

12 x Sticky Tabs

3 x Velcro Stickers

Step 2: ​Select Your Objects

To begin, select the objects you want to make interactive.

For this project we’re using a metallic robot, a metal lid from our vitamin jar, and an aluminium rivet inserted into our plant pot.

If the object you’d like to use isn’t metallic or conductive, you can create a conductive touch point yourself. Do this by painting the object with Electric Paint, or inserting something conductive to make contact to.

Step 3: ​Choose Your Sounds

Next, record your message or pick your favourite song.

Once you’ve saved your sounds as MP3s, take the MicroSD Card out of your Touch Board, and connect it to your computer using the MicroSD Card Reader.

Follow the instructions in the README.txt file on the card to name your files and load them onto the Touch Board. Follow the instructions carefully — if the files aren’t named properly they won’t play.

If you want more details on how to change the audio on your board then follow the link below.

Changing the MP3s on your SD card

Step 4: ​Attach the Alligator Clips

Once you’re happy with the sounds you’ve uploaded, connect the Alligator Clips to the objects you’ve selected.

Use two Sticky Tabs to secure the Touch Board on your tabletop, shelf or wall.

Step 5: ​Plug in Audio and Power

Now you can plug your speaker into your Touch Board. Rest it on a surface or attach it to the wall using one of Velcro Stickers or double sided tape.

Plug in the Micro USB Cable to power it from a computer, or from a USB wall socket.

Turn on your Touch Board and press the ‘reset’ button to re-calibrate the sensors. Once you’ve checked that all the connections are secure you can test your reminders.

Touch each of the electrodes and test that your audio files have loaded properly.

Step 6: ​Ready to Go.

Touch the objects, to set off your audio reminders or melodies.

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