Introduction: Starting a Fire

Are you having trouble starting a fire and staying warm during the cold seasons well not for long after reading this you will be a fire starting veteran.

Step 1: Ingredients

In order to start a fire you will need. Kindling(thin small logs) Logs Newspaper(or any other type of paper) Lighter

Step 2: The Newspaper

Ok let's start, gather up 5 regular sheets of news paper, use your hand to scrunch them up into 5 loose balls of newspaper. Place each ball in the wood burner(the place where the fire starts) it should look like the picture above.

Step 3: The Kindling

Grab 4-6 kindling sticks and place them on top of the newspaper you placed in the wood burner.

Step 4: The Cookie Log

Now, we are almost done. Obtain the small log and place it on top of everything just like the picture displays. I like to call these logs the cookie logs.

Step 5: Lighting the Fire

Once you have got your regular fire lighter or match stick you can begin lighting your fire. Light to newspaper not the wood. Lighting the newspaper allows the fire to burn through to the kindling then again to the cookie log.

Step 6: The Handle

Once the fire has been lit pull the handle out. leave the fire untouched for 15-30mins then push the handle back in. The handle on the fire controls how much air the fire is receiving so the further you pull the handle out the more air the fire sucks in therefore the fire will grow bigger.

Step 7: Another Big Cookie

Once the whole lot is burning and its colour is glowing red you can add a bigger log into the wood burner as well.