Introduction: Starting an Old Glow Plug Engine

This box of small glow plug engines showed up on my doorstep. They must be 50 years old, and one started up right away!
Looks like they were used on a motorized kite, similar to how rc planes fly today.
If anyone has any information or use for these let me know

Step 1: Take an Inventory

At first it looked like an old broken place, or garbage.
I started pulling some pretty cool stuff out.

1- aircraft plastic shell
2- landing wheels
9 glow plug engines
14 propellers
Instruction booklet
Gas tank
Glow power fuel
Glow fuel
Glow plug stater clips
1.5v battery (dead)
And a pretty cool cigar box.

Step 2: Starting It Up

One of the engines was in great condition, new glowplug and good compression. 

I found a 1.5v battery, just a AA will work for awhile.
Clip the starter onto the glow plug
fill the fuel lines and prime it.
spin the prop, and it pops,
warm it up a bit, play with the mix screw and take the starter clip off.

I can get it to run longer than a couple minutes. im thinking its old fuel.

Step 3: Community

If anyone has any info to share on these let me know- If i can get this one running i want to build a r/c - something powered with this old motor.