Starting a Pre Planter With Trash

Introduction: Starting a Pre Planter With Trash

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Step 1: Getting Soil

In the nature of Earth Day, I'm not just going to open a bag of fertilizer. For lack of a shovel, I'm using a 2L pop bottle as a scoop for soil. The last time my compost was filled was in March. That might be good, but I'll find other soils as well. The bottle has a line on the bottom. Use that a as a marker. Cut along that line. Keep the lid on the bottle as you'll need it to hold dirt.

Step 2: I've Got a Jar of Dirt I've Got a Jar of Dirt and Guess What's Inside It!

Now that you've got some soil you can do your dirty work! 😒 Anyway, this soil is from an source that has weeds. So we'll have to boil some water to kill those off. This will also aerate the soil and remove chlorine from the water. By the way, if you knew what movie the title is from, you are awesome!

Step 3: The Actual Planter

I'm making all the pots from used pop bottles (pop is what we Canucks call soda). Most are the same size. Size doesn't really matter. The same technique for my dirt jar is what's used for the pots. The star pattern is what I used. Feel free to use as many pots as you like; so long as you can put them somewhere. The rock and bottom is so that they don't move when I move the planters.

Step 4: Hot and Cold

For the sake of convenience, I chilled the pots in the freezer. This step isn't necessary, but its a time saver. I chilled them so I could plant my seeds without getting scalded. Whether or not you chill, make sure the soil is at room temperature. The stress could kill the seeds as easily as the weeds. Be sure to drain the excess water when you're done.

Step 5: Final Setup

Once all is done, you'll have a planter ready. The whole thing cost next to nothing if you exclude the original products. Truth be told, I can't remember what the box came with. The whole thing should cost five dollars.

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