Introduction: Starting Up the Spot

Turn on the sight, small black lever on the black box on top of

the spot. This must be turned all the way clockwise to display the target.

Step 1: Power Up

Flip the fan switch on.

Flip the bulb switch on.

Step 2: Testing

Test your spot to make sure everything functions as expected.

The lever closest to the back of the spot is the iris, it is used to fade in and out.

Test the function so you know where the fade starts and ends.

This lever is used for every cue.

The spot is fully on when the lever is about half way to the right.

The spot is out when the lever is all the way to the left.

The middle lever is the shutter, it wink's the spot out from top and bottom.

Test the function so you know how quickly this works.

This is only used to take the spot out. Normally left all the way to the right, fully open.

The lever furthest from the back is used to adjust the size of the spot.

Test the function so you know how large and small you can make the spot.

Spot gets larger as you move the lever to the left. Left = Larger.

This lever has marks for L and M (Large and Medium)

Step 3: Color

The row of levers on the right near the middle are for adding colored gels.

Push the lever down to lock the colored gel in front of the light.

These can be used independently or in combination to change the color of the spot.

The lever furthest to the rear clears the locked colors.

Always hold you fingers over the levers when clearing so you can catch them to reduce noise.

Test adding and removing color until you are comfortable with this function.

Step 4: Slide

The knob on the right near the fan switch is the slide and is used to adjust spot size.

This will be preset and should not be messed with during the run of a show.

Step 5: Movement / Operation

There is a knob on each side of the spot stand and one on the post that can be adjusted to allow for easier movement.

Spots should move smoothly but should stay in position if you let go, adjust the knobs to achieve this balance.

All remaining knobs, hatches, and adjustments should be left to more experienced operators.

Always keep in mind that spots are intended to enhance the show.

When operated properly spots are subtle and will add emotion, impact, and focus to a show.

The audience should feel the effect without noticing the change.

Step 6: Spot Light Shut Down

Turn off the sight.

Lever all the way counterclockwise.

Turn off the bulb switch.

Wait 1-2 minutes.

Turn off the fan switch.

Tighten all the support knobs.