Introduction: Starting a Youtube Channel

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In this tutorial you will learn how to successfully start up your own YouTube channel. It is quick and simple to follow. Anyway lets get started and I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Creating Your Gmail Account

With making a YouTube account you can either make a new Gmail or use your current one. I would recommend using a new one as it looks more professional.

If you have not used gmail before go onto and then create account. Now put in all your details. I would recommend thinking of what your channel will be called and then naming your gmail based off that. Now you have done you can go onto youtube.

Now go onto youtube. You should already be signed in but if not sign in. Now that you have signed in you can start editing your channel.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Channel

The first thing you are going to want to do is edit your channel art. This will make your channel look more professional and unique. If you wish to make your own and you don't have photoshop I would recommend downloading gimp which is free.

When making your channel art you need to remember that the minimum size it can be is 2048 pixels width by 1152 pixels height. Once you have made it you can save it. Save it as highest quality without going over 4mb as that is the youtube limit for channel art. Now you can hover your mouse over where the channel art would be and in the right corner click on the button with a pencil on. Now click on edit channel art. Now in the middle of the screen there should be a button that says Select a photo from your computer. Click on it and find the image. Now open it. If you think that looks good enough click on select. Now lets move onto the profile picture. Hover over where the profile image is and then yet again click on the pencil button that appears. This will direct you to your google+ page. Now click on upload photo. Move round the image into a suitable place and press done. You might also want to do a background picture for your google+. By the way the profile picture will take a few minutes to show up on youtube.

Now we can go onto changing some of the settings. To do that yet again hover over the channel art and click on the button with a pencil on. But this time click on edit links. This will bring you to another page. On here you can edit your channel which I recommend doing so people know what your channel is about. Now if you want below you can add a contact email. This could be your gmail for this channel or another email. Next I would set your country. This is so people know what country you live in. This is not needed but you may want to do it for certain things. Below you could add extra links. These will appear at the bottom right of your channel art for people to click on. These could be accounts for different websites like instructables or a link to your own website. Also at the side you can add featured channels which could be other channels of yours or your friends etc.

Step 3: Software

In this step we will go over some of the software you will need.


If you have windows 10 and the correct graphics crad you can use the windows 10 games bar to record. If you don't you can use one of these. The first one is Icecream Screen Recorder. This is free and you can record up to 10 minutes in your screen resolution. The downside is that it is not built for full screen gaming. Also another good thing is there is no watermark that you have to have on your videos.

The next one is bandicam. This is mainly used for gaming. It can record for 10 minutes for the free version but there is a water mark.

Making videos-

Icecream apps also make a free slideshow maker which you can share the things you make directly to youtube.

If you want to make a video using a powerpoint you could use openoffice or libreoffice and then record it.

Video editing-

If you have a windows pc and want a free alternative to iMovie use filmora.

Sound editing-

If you wish to edit sound more professionally for free use Audacity.

If you know of any others just comment below.

Step 4: Ideas

Starting out as a youtuber can be difficult but if you do it correctly you could become a big success. Here are some tips depending on the types of videos you are doing.


If you wish to start up a gaming channel you will need to make your videos different. There are so many youtubers at the moment and ones that people stick to. You need to be different than other youtubers. For example you could do less heard of indie games because if you think you are going to get views by doing popular videos you won't to start with. This because many other youtubers will do it and your videos will never appear on the main page. But if you do more different games that people have never heard of you could get really popular.


If you wish to start a review channel make it different. Think about what you find annoying from most review videos. Do you think they don't show the products in enough detail or too much. Like I find a lot of tech reviews annoying for example a review for a media player they don't show enough of the features and only show standard features. Also do reviews on many things as you never know when someone will need a review on something.


With a tutorial channel keep your videos short enough. When people watch tutorials they want to know how to do something quickly for example if I am searching on youtube for a tutorial I will go for a short one. Also do unique tutorials on things that not many people have done videos about.


If you wish to do a channel based on pranks make it funny. Think of unique things that people have not done before. Also if you want to make it more accessible think of video ideas where it wont require you to talk too much.

They are just a few ideas but there are many more.

Step 5: Getting Popular

Watch time is all. Keep that in mind. Think you are going to get more views by clicking that refresh button. It will mean your video will get really small watch time and will go lower down on YouTube pages. Keep your videos accessible. When publishing your videos you can also translate the title and description into different languages. I would recommend doing it for some of the main languages like Chinese or Spanish so even if people search it up in other countries it will come up. Have your trademarks. Have certain things that people remember you by and that make you more interesting. This will get you recognised. For most videos keep it appropriate. If you are playing a age rated 7 game make sure to keep the video to that content level. This will mean more audiences will watch your videos. Have a certain date where you release videos. This will make people know when they can watch your next video and will keep you motivated.

Step 6: Finish

Hopefully with all these tips you can make a successful channel. Please comment on how I have helped it will be much appreciated. Have good look!

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