Introduction: Rolling Status - Reduces Facebook Stress

Facebook has become an essential part of our lives. Along with essentials comes stress. Deciding what to status each minute of the day can be highly stressful to you and your loved one’s.

Rolling Status cube is a personalized product that can be hand made instantly to help relieve the stress of decision making while updating your status on Facebook.

Rolling Status has 6 different statuses on each side and personalized templates to suit your personality.

Step 1: Step 1 : Materials

For making an Acrylic Cube hand made Rolling Status we need

1 six sided acrylic cube measuring 1.5 inches
1 scissor or x-acto knife
1 Download and print template provided
   ( Template used is the 'Insecure Like Me' Personality Type.)
1 Magic sticker Maker 

There are two Templates provided, One with text and one without.

Step 2: Download and Cut

Download the Like me pdf and print it.
After Printing the file cut the file along the edges accurately.
You should have 6 squares at the end.

Step 3: Using a Sticker Maker

Insert the square one at a time into the back of the sticker maker.
Twirl the button until the whole square is out from the front.

Step 4: Square Placement

After the square is out of the sticker maker place it carefully on a side of the cube.Repeat for the remaining five sides.

Step 5: Insecure Like Me

And your 'insecure Like me' Rolling status is done.

Step 6: And It Works!!

So every time i'm stressed out about my status I just use RollingStatus.

And when I see people stressed out I suggest they do the same or make one for them.

Step 7: Roll Away!!

Status updating has never been easier, Enjoy Rolling.

Step 8: Types of Rolling Status

You can personalize, get creative and make your own Rolling Status using the simple steps.

You can make them in all sizes , handwritten statuses, printed or even Laser cut!!

Also I've attached 5 Different sets of statuses consisting of six lines each which you can use for variety.

Step 9: Laser Cut RollingStatus

Laser cutting is awesome.
Here's a template for you to enjoy a laser cut Rolling Status.
Try it for a great looking end product that looks so elegant.

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