Status Update

Introduction: Status Update

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This is just a status update about what is in the process of being made and what already is.

1. Fall of Cybertron Bruticus

So far i have Brawl, Blast-Off, and half of Swindle built. Should be done by November.

2. Combination Lock

My first time using Micro K'nex! Should be posted a little after Bruticus

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    Looking forward to it! I haven't been able to post Instructables lately, but I'm glad to see others are still interested and doing a good job.

    sonic broom
    sonic broom

    6 years ago

    The Combination Lock looks neat!


    6 years ago

    Yay in excited! 18efroese I have been a big fan of your ibles for years however I haven't had Instructables to tell you! I love your transformers :D